Turtles and triathletes

Day three from Kona


Feeling decidely dodgy from sleep deprivation, I ventured out for food with the house crew – now with two extras: Julien (who was on the same flight as Jenson Button over from Tokyo) and Scott from Nuun (no one interesting on his flight, but still a great guy!). So that makes it 10 in the BS house.


Another early one this morning (6.15am) to get to the boat in time for the launch. Just me today, but was soon joined by the guys trying out their PZ3s, and trying their damndest to beat Maarten – they didn’t. It was the final day of the great big BS goggle giveaway – triers having to swim down to the bottom and retrieve sand to qualify for a free pair of the Limited Edition Kona 09 Hydra Visions.

Kona’s gearing up good and proper for the race now – all the stands are going up, the finish area has been cordoned off, and there’s a few apprehensive looking individuals in compression gear walking round, but it’s a great atmosphere.

Quick stop for brekkies, over to the King Kam hotel to meet Rich Cruse, photographer, and next issue’s “Me and My Bike” star for a fabulous shoot down by the water front. Look out for that in the Hawaii Going-Long special next issue. Then off to meet up with Simon Ward for a quick chat, over to the Kona legend that is Lava Java for lunch and to meet another member to the house – Tim from BS and Nuun – then down to a secluded beach that you have to ask permission to go down to from a gatekeeper (so cool!) with Maarten and Daisy to look at turtles, where I’m at right now, straining to see the screen in the sun. Tough, I know.

Cool breeze though today, and with plenty of cloud cover. Many of the athletes I’ve spoken to are hoping for the same tomorrow. Whatever the weather, it’s going to be a fantastic day.


Bets are on for Philip Graves to make the top ten overall, and post the fastest bike leg. And with Ain-Alar Juhanson in the field, that’s some talk. We shall see. The 2009 IM World Champs are just hours away…