Signing off for a short intermission, I hope

Atrial fibrillation curtails Peter's involvement in the Ride Across Britain



Instead of Wimbleball, I did Windsor, albeit a bit slowly. So, during a five-week period I did Eton Sprints, a 95-mile Sportive and Windsor.

What I didn’t mention in my last blog was that my heart rate monitor has kept recording a ridiculously fast heart rate for the last few weeks and during these various events. I said to my wife that I really must get a new one, because the readings were as good as useless. I was also disappointed by my level of fitness, which seemed to be deteriorating rather than improving.

Anyway, turns out my heart has gone into ‘atrial fibrillation’, from which I last suffered immediately after my heart bypass… the net effect of which is that I’m short of about 20% of my heart’s power. And it really doesn’t like hill climbs. I’ve got to take some drugs for a while and then have it shocked back into behaving again (a cardio version). All very frustrating.

You really don’t want to know all this! But I though I’d better explain why my blog will be quiet for a while. Sadly, I’m going to have to postpone the RAB for a year. In the meantime, I want a new category introduced into triathlon times… for those with AF.

And if anyone wants a brand new, unopened, heart rate monitor, just let me know!


The good news is that my knees are now fine.