From weightlifter to triathlete via the ‘SuperHero’ programme – blog

Age-grouper James Stammers signs up for the London Triathlon in a bid to push what his body is capable of in new directions


What is your ambition? I know, it’s a strange question to begin this article but it’s something I’ve asked myself repeatedly over the years, and only recently have I begun to understand my own personal ambitions and journey.


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As I get older I have truly begun to appreciate the importance of feeling good – being the most efficient version of myself possible.

Despite spending the majority of my life using weightlifting-based training protocols, I have decided now is the time to see just what I can do with my body. This has lead me to devise my own ‘SuperHero’ programme.

There were three main areas to focus on: strength, explosive power and endurance.

It’s not always easy to find a happy medium, but through research and my own experience of years in the field, I got it down to three disciplines:

Gymnastics = greatest strength

Olympic weightlifting = greatest explosive power

Triathlon = greatest fitness/endurance

With the decision on disciplines made, it’s now time to throw myself in at the deep end.

I signed up for London Triathlon as I like to have a specific challenge to aim for. This ensures on those difficult days when I’m feeling tired or distracted, I push on through with a constant focus on what I need to do in order to achieve my ambitions.

It’s also very important to seek guidance from people with real experience. With that in mind I decided to draw advice and share training with my friend, James Willis, who represented Team GB in New Zealand in 2013. Doing a few sessions with James has really helped me understand both the essentials and finer points from bike set-up to transitioning.

After more research and seeking advice from people with real knowledge and experience in the field I devised a training protocol which I outline below.

The SuperHero training programme

Four times a week

Turbo 2km to run 500 metres x5 on weeks 1-4, then x10 on weeks 5-9.

Twice a week

Swimming technique for 1 hour, swimming for distance for 1 hour (separate days).

Once a week

Bike ride 1:30 hours. PLUS up to Bristol Open Water lake – practice transitions weeks 1-4, full distance weeks 5-9.

I’m very aware that this type of training won’t fit in with everyone’s hectic lifestyle, so have written out a few other ‘First timer’ training plans, which you can view at

I think it’s also imperative to keep elements of my strength training ongoing, including the gymnastics and weightlifting. Once again, this is in my blog if you would like more detail on this area.


You can follow all my progress from training, stretching methods and nutrition on the Synergi Facebook page or via my blog. I will also be putting up another article in here, post-race so you can see how I got on and if I’d have done anything differently in retrospect but for now, follow your passion, give it your all and embrace the journey.