Celebrating the Jubilee, triathlon style

Deb MacLeod finds that village parties are not the only activity for a Jubilee celebration…


While many people spent the Jubilee weekend eating yummy food, lighting beacons and participating in community/local parties, there were a few of us who decided to add a triathlon into the mix!


Particularly me and my pal, Alix. She would have been jumping into the icy Gloucestershire water just as I was jumping into the chlorinated waters of the Taunton Triathlon. And at the same time those fabulous boats in London were preparing to parade up the Thames in front of the Queen in the pouring down rain. They would be vying for a decent space while I was just hoping for a decent pace!

It was, as expected, a challenge and on the whole both Alix and I had better results than our previous events; but, I can most definitely say, I'm still a newbie. I say this because the moment Mr and I arrived at my venue I was intimidated. I noted legs and bodies much more inclined to this sport than mine but then I’ve always said I do this to challenge myself and to encourage other mere mortals to give this a go.

I knew I could do it but the stuff boiling through the old grey matter was pure head stuff – from the moment I started swimming, I choked, I spluttered, my timing chip started coming loose and eventually fell off. Fortunately, I caught it and threw it back on in T1.

As I made my way through T1, I had the daunting thought that everyone seemed much faster than me and old treacle legs here was trying to shove her shoes on in a fog of despondency while they took off down the road. Nonetheless I moved onwards hoping I would convince my legs to pedal faster!

To my surprise they obeyed and the ride was decent enough, even though the rain that was promised came upon us as I hurried along the little lanes. The good news was I knew my fitness had improved but my nerves were still in control. You know, it’s an interesting thing learning how to push all your nervous energy into your performance.

By the time I was really into it, I was finishing the ride and making my way to T2, only to be greeted by an official who confused me so I got off my bike only to be told that I wasn’t in the dismount area. Apparently, he was there to avoid confusion (thanks mate!).

T2 was far better this time and the rain was coming down a pace as my legs stumped down the path. I'm always happy at this point because I know I can do it and I was feeling great until I took a wrong turn somewhere in the town. Total freak out was avoided and although I was pissed off, I got over it and bashed along knowing it was all part of the deal but a great way to celebrate a special weekend.


As I bounced over the finish line, I was encouraged with a better time and I thought of Alix and all those other crazy triathletes and wondered if they felt as proud as the Queen to be getting out on Jubilee day.