Age-group blog: preparing for the bike leg of the Windsor Triathlon

David Pawsey avoids wet weather training for Windsor by clocking up the miles on his turbo


After eagerly reading my first post I’m sure you’re all desperate to know how my training has been going. Well as you may have noticed the weather has been appalling recently. But has this stopped me getting out for a ride or a run?


When I lived and worked in London my favourite part of the day was the cycling commute. Unlike the drones who squeezed into each other’s armpits on the Underground, I’d arrive at the office vitalised and ready to spend seven hours avoiding any work. Rain, wind or snow I’d bike to and from home and spent many years clocking up the miles every week.

Fair weather friend

These days I work from home and I’m ashamed to say have become something of a fair weather cyclist. I can already hear the screams of “RULE #5” being hurled at computer screens up and down the country. But unless I’m swimming I don’t like to get wet and for me there is nothing worse than spending an extra hour afterwards cleaning my beloved steed in the rain. Luckily I have a turbo trainer.

David on the turbo

I’m not allowed to divulge all our training secrets but one drill that I have been trying to perfect is one legged spinning to ensure smooth pedalling through the circle, rather than an up and down stamping motion. So while I would like to be getting out in the fresh air I feel that at the moment the turbo is adequately enabling me to build on my fitness and technique. 

Cross with the country

David and his muddy legs

I’ve already gone through one pair of trail shoes since the autumn and this week busted out a new pair which received a baptism of, er, mud. On the plus side it’s really helping build up the strength in my legs as pretty much every step involves lifting my foot out of ankle deep muck. Hopefully, mainly for the sake of those poor politicians who have to keep pulling on their wellies to point at flood damage, the weather will ease up and training will become more bearable.


David will be reporting back soon on his preparations for Windsor Tri, watch this space!