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Ross Edgley is an extreme adventurer, ultra-marathon sea swimmer and author. For over a decade, he’s been involved in every area of sport, fitness, and nutrition imaginable. He started as an international athlete playing water polo for Great Britain but later moved into the academics of sport and graduated from Loughborough University. He’s a qualified strength and conditioning coach and performance nutritionist. He’s the co-founder of The Protein Works, writes for range of publications and has amassed a social media following of nearly 1 million. His well-publicised sporting feats are often designed to push the boundaries of human physical excellence and raise money for charity. These have included losing over 24 pounds in 24 hours to highlight dangerous weight-cutting practices and prove to people that ‘weight loss’ is very different from ‘fat loss’. He also once climbed a rope as tall as Everest; did a marathon while pulling a Mini; and swam across open sea while tied to a 100lb tree. He holds multiple world records, but is now best known for completing the World's Longest Staged Sea Swim in 2018 when he became the first person in history to swim 1,780 miles all the way around Great Britain in 157 days.

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