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Kristian Blummenfelt crossing the line at theWorld Championship in Bahrain in 2019

Meet the world record-breaking trisuit worn by Kristian Blummenfelt

Proven to be the world’s fastest, the Aero 2.0 Tri Speedsuit took the double World Champion to the pinnacle of the sport. What could it do for you?

When Trimtex set out to make the perfect trisuit for elite triathlons, it began with cycling. Together with scientists from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, it carried out wind tunnel testing and highly advanced analysis, all in the name of making the fastest cycling suit on the market.

Kristian Blummenfelt on his bike at theWorld Championship in Bahrain in 2019

And this culture of relentless refinement is what led Trimtex to create the Aero 2.0 in constant collaboration with double world champion and 70.3 world record holder Kristian Blummenfelt. “Blu” made it the fastest trisuit in the world in 2018 when he broke the world record in 70.3 distance, only to repeat the feat at the World Championship in Bahrain in 2019 – record that is still standing at 3:25:21.

Along the way, aerodynamics have been continuously improved and performance-enhancing features features added to push the limits of what’s possible. Other top athletes competing in the Aero 2.0 including five-time World Champion Craig Alexander, Olympian Lisa Norden, Sara Svensk, Maurice Clavel and Casper Stornes.

So what makes the Aero 2.0 the world’s fastest, and how could it transform your tri game? Take a look below at some of the attributes that make up this stunningly engineered piece of kit and find out.

1. Extreme structured, aerodynamic, and elastic fabric on shoulders with superior performance both in the water and in TT position.

2. Cyber Ride Stripe fabric at thighs and hips for optimised drag performance.

3. Optimised side ventilation for excellent movement, comfort, and temperature control.

4. Extended arm and leg lengths to enhance the reduction of drag.

5. Long zip for increased comfort and temperature ventilation.

6. Main fabric at the chest and back is a thin, quick-dry fabric with fantastic water-repellent properties. It also has excellent elasticity and shape retention.

7. Quick-access pocket on the back with two elastic inlets, one on each side, making access to bars and gels easier than ever.

8. The striped fabric at the hips and thighs limits drag both in water and on the bike.

9. The padding in the Aero 2.0 Tri Speedsuit is developed with Trimtex’s long-time partner Cytech. Together they created and adapted this pad specially for long-distance racing.

Want to push the limits of what’s possible? Try the Aero 2.0

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