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Discover a stunning apparel range to suit all triathletes

2XU’s performance apparel range supports the complete athlete system, helping you to prepare, perform, recover and repeat

If there’s one core belief that underpins everything Australian sporting apparel company 2XU does, it’s this: finish lines are everywhere. 2XU believes everyone has a finish line. A goal. A North Star. Whatever you want to call it. Finish lines get us out the door. They drive us to show up hungry and make the most out of every day. Finish lines can make heroes of us all. From preparation, to performance and recovery, 2XU is here to support the complete athlete journey – whether you’re a newbie or an endurance veteran.

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Why 2XU is #1

2XU partners with the world’s leading research teams to scientifically prove the benefits of its compression technology, which delivers graduated pressure, by decreasing compression power from the extremity of the limb to the top to promote blood flow back to the heart.

The technology is tested using a Salzmann pressure measurement device to ensure the correct mmHg pressure rating is achieved across all graduated compression garments. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement and is commonly used to test medical compression. It’s this constant measuring up against the latest suits from its main competitors that helps 2XU stay ahead of the game.

“2XU have always had a good reputation for the quality of their products and the research that goes into them.

It gives me great peace of mind to know that not only do they feel great to wear but the science backs it up.” – George Goodwin

Tri masters

This scientifically engineered technology has resulted in a range of tri-suits that are perfect for whatever stage you’re at. The flagship range of tri-suits includes the Perform collection for both men and women, which is perfect for those about to tackle their first Ironman. Built for all-round performance across both short- and long-course racing, Perform withstands the rigours of multisport competition. For newcomers to the world of triathlon, the Active collection of tri-suits is ideal, as it’s designed to maximise training and performance in all conditions.

Triathlete cycling

Both women and men will also enjoy the Compression collection, ideal for long-course racing, as it provides superior muscle stabilisation, heat-beating technology and unrivalled aerodynamics.

“To perform at my best I have to consider so many things. 2XU ticks every box for me; they look great, are super comfortable and are fast!” – Maya Kingma

Women's wetsuit

When it comes to wetsuits, 2XU will help you take your swim leg to a new level. The men’s and women’s Propel range features the latest in wetsuit technology and design innovation to ensure natural swimmers have ultimate flexibility and minimal water resistance for their best time yet – and it comes with the coveted 220 Triathlon Best on Test accolade. Elsewhere in the wetsuit range, there are different models to suit different types of swimmer, each finely tuned for optimum performance.

“2XU wetsuits provide the perfect balance of buoyancy and flexibility to give me my perfect swim.” – Non Stanford

2XU Beach swim

In addition, 2XU offers a collection of top-of-the-range accessories to help fine-tune your performance – from caps, visors and compression socks that ease swelling and lower leg and foot fatigue to water bottles, swim caps and running gloves. Whatever the time of year, whatever your finish line, 2XU can help get you there.
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