New season preparation

Winter training is drawing to a close and the new season will soon be upon us. With your season of events looming, the associated costs can start to mount up.

Fingers crossed all of you preparation will have ensured that you remain fit to race and you will have a great season. However we all know that injury or other situations outside of your control can sneak up on us and that it is not always possible to get a refund from event organisers for those events that you can no longer take part in. 

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Triathlete in bike training

220: How can Triathlonguard help an athlete who is not able to race due to injury?

Triathlonguard: As part of your Triathlonguard policy, it is possible to include our Active cover, which includes cover for race entry fees.

This cover means that you would be able to claim for reimbursement for your entrance fee for an organised event endorsed by a recognised national sporting association or event organiser as a result of being unable to attend because of illness or injury subject to the limits included on your policy. 

Obviously we would urge athletes to contact the event organisers initially to seek a refund or transfer their entry to an alternative event where they could. However we are there to support those athletes where this is not possible.

220: Are there any other circumstances where Triathlonguard’s cover can support an athlete with a refund on entry fees where perhaps the event organiser may not be able to?

Triathlonguard: There are. Our Race Entry Fee cover can also come in to force where an athlete is subject to cancellation of leave for national forces or police or the fire, rescue, public utility or medical services which then requires them to work on active duty or travel to or from active duty on the day of the race event.

The cover also applies where adverse weather conditions results in full cancellation of the event or where major damage or burglary at the athletes home or place of work requires them to attend.

As with illness or injury, we would urge athletes to speak with the race or event organisers in the first instance, but if they are unable to help, our cover is there.

220: What about when athletes are racing abroad?

Triathlonguard: Providing the athlete has selected the appropriate level of cover to extend their policy to cover them when travelling or competing either in the EU or worldwide, then the same level of cover will be in place as if they were racing in the UK.

220: Are there any situations where an athlete wouldn’t be able to make a claim for their race entry fee?

Triathlonguard: As with all insurance policies, there are limits and exclusions that are in place, we would always urge athletes to read the policy wording carefully before purchasing.

With this particular area of cover, our friendly contact centre is available to answer any queries you have on specific terms and conditions.

Policy terms, conditions and exclusions apply, further details can be found at


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