New kit for Christmas

With the indulgence of Christmas now over, the New Year is upon us.  Hopefully you have been fortunate at Christmas and taken advantage of the season of good will to stock up on some tri related gadgets, gizmos and kit.

Here we look in more detail at Triathlonguard’s Accessory Pack cover and why athletes should consider this as part of specialist triathlon insurance.

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Triathlon gear

220: What does Triathlonguard’s Accessory Pack cover include?

Triathlonguard: If you select the Triathlonguard Accessory Pack cover, you will then be covered for theft and accidental damage for your triathlon-related accessories. As well as theft from your home (sometimes referred to as your insured location), you will also be covered when out and about as long as your kit is with you.

220: What items would be included in the cover?

Triathlonguard: Most of your accessories can be included in the cover. When taking out the policy, you simply select your required total value (known as sums insured) to cover what you have.

The list of items that you can cover includes cycling and triathlon specific: helmets, hats or caps, shoes, overshoes, jerseys or vests, base layers, gilets, gloves, glasses, goggles, jackets, shorts, bib shorts, bibs, biblongs, tights, trousers, socks, wetsuits used exclusively for triathlons, swimwear, warmers, compression clothing, backpacks, water bottles and cages, hydration packs, cameras specifically designed for cycling and mounted to a helmet, frame or handlebars; cycling computer; cycling GPS unit, lights, cycle luggage, panniers, saddle bag, cycling tools, cycling armour and guards.  So as you can see it’s a pretty wide range.

220: What about if the items are lost rather than stolen?

Triathlonguard: Outside of a race environment, you would only be covered for Theft where forcible and/or violent means have been used to remove the items from your possession, so genuine loss is not included.  

However, with the Triathlonguard Accessory Pack cover, your kit is covered for loss when in the transition area of an organised race. So for example, if you arrive home from an event to realise that you have inadvertently only picked up one cycle shoe, you would be covered for a replacement pair. The only items that are not covered for loss in this circumstance are electronic items, lights, panniers, cycling armour or guards, water bottles and cages. 


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