Home insurance vs. Triathlonguard

Most people appreciate the need to have some sort of insurance in place to protect their financial investment in the sport of triathlon.

Your bike (or should that be bikes?!) and all of the various components alone are likely to be worth a significant amount when you add it all up, not to mention your wetsuit and various other accessories. 

Here, Triathlonguard looks to provide some insight in to the main differences between relying on your household insurance and taking out specialist triathlon Insurance to protect yourself and your kit.

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Triathlete cycling in Snowdonia

220: What are the main differences between household insurance and specialist triathlon insurance?

Triathlonguard:  It’s difficult to say as home insurance covers relating to cycles and sports equipment differ from one provider to another. However, if you do rely on your home insurance to provide protection for your bike and other tri-related kit, it’s really important that you read the policy wording in detail to check for any restrictions on cover.

Depending on the amount you train and compete, the value of your bike and other accessories, it may be that your home insurance cover is adequate for your needs. If not, then you should definitely consider specialist options.

220: What sort of things should athletes look for in their home insurance cover to check whether it is suitable?

Triathlonguard: There are a number of key areas of cover that you should look at specifically.  Things like; whether your bike will be protected away from the home or abroad, the value of your bike against the maximum allowed on your policy, cover for you and your kit whilst competing, the excess that will be applied when you make a claim and the impact this will have on your wider household policy, are you protected for Public Liability, how would your claim be dealt with if you had to make one?  

In short, your household policy may provide you with some level of protection, but you need to be sure that it is a) enough to meet your needs and b) will provide you with the right solution when you need it – i.e. at the point of a claim. 

220: Lots to think about. How would a specialist product help?

Triathlonguard: Unlike your household insurance, a specialist product such as Triathlonguard, has been designed specifically for triathletes, by triathletes and those who work in the sport. = Therefore when we think of what our customers want and need from their insurance, we have only thought about triathletes!  

Triathlonguard provides you with; protection whilst you race, protection whilst you train, protection if you commute, protection for you, protection for your bike, protection for your accessories and kit, protection in the UK or abroad, a low excess meaning you can claim when you need to without worrying about the cost, and if you do claim, the ability to resolve your claim with your preferred local independent bike dealer if you would prefer.

We know that insurance has a perception of being complicated. In fact it is actually relatively simple when it is the right insurance for the right product. 

Further details can be found at www.triathloninsurance.co.uk/220 


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