Harry Wiltshire: ‘As an athlete I need to focus all my attention on training’

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Continuing in our series of Q&A sessions with Triathlonguard where we look at how specialist insurance can benefit athletes by providing peace of mind whilst training and competing, Triathlonguard Brand Ambassador Harry Wiltshire explains what insurance now means to him and how it can help athletes of all levels and experience.

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>>> Harry Wiltshire: 'As an athlete I need to focus all my attention on training'

220: As a professional athlete, had the need for insurance ever crossed your mind in the past?

Harry:  In the past I had always considered insurance, but assumed that my standard travel insurance would cover me when I was away, and my home insurance would look after me when I was in the U.K.  I was unaware of all the exclusions that applied.  

It turns out that neither my existing travel insurance nor home insurance would actually have covered me in the event that something went wrong. Small print in both policies excluded athletes who were competing, athletes who won prize money and any single item worth more than a set amount, for example my bike.

Harry Wiltshire

220: Looking back at your career and now knowing about insurance, do you think being insured sooner may have helped you?

Harry: I raced the Alpe d'huez triathlon a few years ago and had my bike stolen the night before the race. I ended up racing on a bike borrowed from a friend that was three sizes too small, not something I recommend when you have 21 switchbacks to tackle.

My Insurance wouldn't pay out because I was there for a race. If I had been covered by specialist insurance then I would have been protected and my bike replaced. 

220: What is it about specialist insurance that appeals to you as an athlete over and above what you may get via any memberships or your household insurance? 

Harry: The insurance is designed specifically for triathletes which means that if I do need to make a claim I'm not going to be stuck trying to explain why I own a £500 wetsuit or why my bike costs £8,000.  That’s simply not going to be an easy conversation to have with a standard household insurance company.

As an athlete I need to focus all of my attention on my training and getting the best out of my equipment and myself. Having insurance that understands my sport means that if I do ever need to make a claim, it is a simple process and doesn’t distract from the important things. 


220: How has your specialist insurance benefitted you to date?

Harry: I had a nasty crash in France last year whilst racing to qualify for the World Championships, my bike was damaged and both my helmet and race suit ruined. Being covered by Triathlonguard Insurance meant that I was able to get my bike fixed immediately by my local shop who I trust, and had a new helmet and race kit ready to race again three weeks later.  

I have also had my bag containing my wetsuit stolen from the back of a car in Spain, once again Triathlonguard got it sorted quickly and efficiently. Having Triathlonguard insurance reduces the worry from competing and training particularly if I am abroad, i know that if something does go wrong I am covered.

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