World's best triathlons: 31 to do before you die

So you want to go out in style? You want to say, yep, done that and, without doubt, got the T-Shirt? But with so many races to choose from, how will your tri racing CV look when it’s time to shuffle off this mortal coil? Well, look no further! Here's our list of the world's best triathlons...

26 National Club Relays Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham, UK

A giant game of team tag, this is racing old-school style. Each team member does the swim, bike, run, and after each leg, each member has to tag the next before play ensues to the next sport. There’s only one word that really sums it up – fun. You can be as competitive as you want, but the name of the game is pure pleasure. 

One by one, the four members of each team complete a 500m swim, before going onto the 15km bike. Only after all four are done with their individual rides can they embark on the first of their 5km runs, after which, the team with the fastest time is crowned national relays champion. 

Relays organiser Iain Hamilton was just 18 years old when he launched the event back in 1991 as part of a college project. Since then it’s welcomed the likes of Tim Don, Richard Allen, Stuart Hayes, Chrissie Wellington, Spencer Smith and Jonny Brownlee. 

More relay-related fun was introduced on the Sunday at the 2015 event, when a new ITU-style team race made its debut, seeing each athlete do a full triathlon (250m swim, 5km bike, 1.5km run) before handing off to the next team member. The top 10 finishers in each category will then go on to the ultimate test – the triathlon team trial, where the whole team races together with their time set by the fourth athlete to cross the line.

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