Beginners' triathlon training plan
Beginners' triathlon training plan
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Training plan for triathlon beginners

Build the aerobic endurance you need with this training plan over six months

Planning your first tri in summer? Then look no further for your essential six-month beginners’ training plan, courtesy of triathlon coach Julian Nagi...

What are the different triathlon distances?


All sessions are designed with a newbie in mind, so they’re based around developing aerobic endurance. This is the keystone to tri success and there’s no need for speed work at this stage. 

The plan also helps build confidence to help keep you exercising for longer periods. Follow the training plan for the next 24 weeks and reach your first finish line with pride... 

Download here

You can find lots more free triathlon training plans on the 220 Triathlon website, including sprint distance, OlympicIronman and more.


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Laura Mulheron

Can you tell me which tri distance the 6 month beginner plan is aimed at?


Hi Laura, it's designed for beginners attempting their first sprint and Olympic distance race this summer.

You can find lots more distance-specific training plans here:

Good luck!

Paul Saunders


I can't help but think I'm missing something here as all the swim plans seem much shorter than the time specified (and I am not a quick swimmer). For example:

Wk1 Monday: 30 min Swim as 50m easy warmup; 16x25m on 30 sec rest/interval; 50m cool-down.

I swim about 2.30min / 100m so even including the intervals the above is barely 20 mins... 50m = 1.15min short warm up), 16x25m = 8-10 mins + 8 mins rest, 50m = 1.15min short cool-down). Total circa 18mins.

This is the first time I've ever looked at a trip training plan so am sure I'm being daft... can someone just point me in the right direction please?



I have the same issue as Paul below. Please could you clarify?

Also the following is confusing to me;

30min swim as easy warm-up; 25m,
50m, 75m, 150m, 75m, 50m, 25m all on 30secs
rest/interval; cool-down

45min bike/run as warm-up; Race
simulation: 10km bike, 2.5km run; cool-down - Do I 45mins before simulation or this is the simulation??

30min swim as warm-up; 50m easy,
1 x 400m timed effort; 50m cool-down

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