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7 tips to improve your swimming in a pack

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How to improve your swim performance by mixing up the pace

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Should I use a kickboard in my triathlon swim training?

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How to swim in choppy water

Andy Bullock explains how to cope with sea swims when the water gets rough
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Four steps to a faster swim

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Open-water swim technique: the key components

Legend Chrissie Wellington shares her key five components of a good open-water swim technique
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How to improve your 'catch and pull' phase in front crawl

The power of the front crawl swim stroke is in the pull, says coach John Wood. Here he shows you how to improve your catch and pull phase so you increase your distance per stroke
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6 transition tips for exiting open-water

Exiting open water is an often overlooked part of the triathlon swim, but it is where many seconds can be gained and lost. Chrissie Wellington shares her 6 top tips for getting out of the water efficiently…
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The swim leg: 11 common fears and how to overcome them

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Open water fears: overcome lake swim panic attacks

Hate murky water – or deep, clear water – and the thought of beasties that may lurk therein? Read on…

4 pool swim sessions for triathletes

John Wood has put together four swim set examples. Three are targeted towards one main skill: endurance, speed or open-water skills; while the final one is designed to help newer swimmers progress, ready to step up to the others.
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Strength training for swimming: 6 key gym exercises

The following exercises have been designed to increase your range of motion and power so that every swim stroke you make becomes more dynamic and helps you cover more distance
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