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Hypoxic swim sessions: what are they and should you do them?

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How much should you reach in front crawl?

Wondering if you should stretch forward more in your front crawl stroke, so you can reach for more water? John Wood explains why this could actually make you lose momentum.
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How much aerobic swimming should you include in your training programme?

220 swim coach John Wood explains how much aerobic swim training you should include in your training
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70.3 swim advice and sessions from Lucy Charles

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The ultimate race-prep swim session

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How does swimming with a snorkel help your front crawl?

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Front crawl: how can I stop swallowing lots of water when I swim?

Do you take in lots of water via your mouth when you swim front crawl? John Wood explains what could be going wrong in your stroke to cause this and how you can prevent it.
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How to prepare for a non-wetsuit Ironman swim leg

With the hot summer we are all experiencing there is a higher chance that the race you have entered could actually be declared a ‘non wetsuit swim’. For some athletes this possibility can send shivers down the spine! But it shouldn’t says coach Matt Sanderson of TriathlonCoaching.uk.com. Here he explains how to prepare
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Open water swimming: how to develop your OW swim skills in the pool

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Front crawl: what’s the difference between S-stroke and I-stroke?

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How to hold swim technique while tired

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Is there a difference between front crawl and freestyle?

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Front crawl technique session: improve your rotation

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Swim start: what’s the best position to be in?

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What muscles do you use in front crawl?

Swimming front crawl is a great low-impact workout for the whole body. Here are the key muscles it particularly targets
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Front crawl: how to develop your swim stroke and cadence

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How can I stop overgliding in front crawl?

John Wood explains how to stop overgliding in front crawl
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Swimathon: 5 tips for success

Taking part in Swimathon 2018? Stay the course with these 5 tips from Olympic open-water swimmer Keri-anne Payne