How to improve your swim kick efficiency and save more energy for the bike and run

We explain why you should focus on kick technique rather than spare your legs for the triathlon disciplines still to come, and suggest some drills to help
23 April 2014 at 16:16

Chrissie W on how to increase swim speed and distance

Four-time Ironman world champ offers six key tips on how to build up to Iron-distance
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Five beginner-friendly triathlon swims in the UK

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Chrissie W gives her advice on swim training out of the pool

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Can you wear contact lenses for swimming?

The risk of bacterial contamination means this is a risky route to take – we explain your options for training and race day
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Sub-1hr swim session: race-pace simulator

A pool workout that will get you swimming as close to race speed as possible
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How to pace pool-based swims

Understanding your lactate threshold and Critical Swim Speed is key when there's no-one to pace yourself against, and can deliver big gains in speed efficiency
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How to improve your swimming out of the water

Try these tips if you can't get to the pool as often as you would like but need to work on your swimming muscles and technique
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Why you should be swimming 'off strokes' regularly

Don't just stick to freestyle in the pool – targeting weaker strokes has a number of benefits
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Sub-1hr sesh: paced to perfection

Get your swim pacing spot on this race season
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Hit the gym to improve your swim

Cut drag and tone swim-specific muscles
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Improve your open water starts

Practice them in the pool with no-push starts
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Sub-1hr session: open-water simulator

Boost your top-end speed in the open water
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Three ways to hone your swim skills

Give your pool programme a boost this winter
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Sub 1hr swim session: endurance booster

Control your form and improve stamina
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How to improve your swim breathing

Struggling for air? Check out these tips
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One sport to multisport: swimming

Tempted to get into tri? If you're a swimmer then you'll have a natural advantage over many triathletes
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Paul Newsome: "Don't become a technique hermit this winter"

Top swimming coach shares his winter training advice
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Swim Smooth’s swim essentials

The aquatic collective’s key swim advice for the off-season
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Sub-1hr session: swim hard, swim fast

Push your body to its absolute limits in pool training to improve race fitness and efficiency
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