Step up to 70.3 racing with Javier Gomez

Step up to Ironman 70.3 racing with Javier Gomez

Check out these nine tips on moving into middle-distance racing from the 2017 world champ

We asked former ITU and 70.3 world champ Javier Gomez for his tips on how Olympic distance athletes can make a successful move into middle-distance racing. 

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Volume doesn’t have to skyrocket, but do focus on nutrition 

“Don’t be concerned about the move from Olympic to middle. You can still do well in middle-distance racing on Olympic-distance training. You just need to make sure that your body can take all the food/drink you’ll be using.” 

Mix distance work with intervals of different length repeats

“My coach [Carlos Prieto] and I plan for the year, with the main focus on Olympic-distance races. I do my track sessions, my speed stuff as an ITU athlete. I don’t do a full programme for middle distance, but I will do intervals on the track of 800m, 1,000m or 1,500m repeats.”

Javier Gomez in run training

Sustain your TT tuck in training  and try to hold the position 

“Key to my middle-distance training are my rides on the TT bike. I found a good position that I feel comfortable with in the Specialized wind tunnel, so I feel very comfortable on the TT bike.

"I do three rides a week on the TT bike and another two or three on the road bike. I do two short rides of 2hrs. On one of them I do short intervals of 3–4mins, for example 5 x 4mins, 6 x 4mins. And then the long ride on Sunday goes up to 4hrs and that’s on my TT bike too, trying to hold the position.”

Javier Gomez in bike training

Don’t get dropped from the front pack on the bike

“I know I won’t have any problems with the swim. I’ll swim at the front and aim to come out first or second, and I know I can run with the best athletes. So for me it’s all about the bike.

"If I’m in the first group, I have a big chance of winning the race on the run, but those guys are very fast. If you’re dropped in the first 20km and you don’t see them again then you might lose like five or six minutes easily, so you need to be very, very focused.”

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