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Run training: 9 common mistakes triathletes make

Former top GB athlete and 220 running coach, triathlete Paul Larkins explains 9 common mistakes triathletes make in the run leg and provides advice on how to correct them

Structuring your effort

Greg Rouault, Directeur Sportif at Poissy Triathlon knows all about this. As a former 29-minute 10,000m runner on the track, he turned his attentions to age group Olympic distance events and within three years was crowned world champion. “Work on your strength and diminish your weakness,” he says simply. Runners, he continues are prone to getting too carried away with the other disciplines. In short, it pays to have a rough plan to work to both in training and races. As Greg is keen to remind us runners, pace pays off be it controlling that urge to burn off in training, or in your preparation and, of course, as we all know to our cost, in the actual race.

One for runners turning to triathlon: ignoring running!

This is my own personal crime as a runner. For someone used to circling the track or just heading out on the road or trail for some easy miles, triathlon is a tough sport. You need to get into a swimming routine, you need to understand the time cycling takes and you need to soak up all the small details that can make such huge differences such as kit selection.

So, being a runner, I did all of that, playing my trump card that I could run and therefore ignore training a little bit too frequently. Similarly Greg says if you are runner don't forget to run. “Just skip the low intensity or muscular work and sub a good bike ride or a swim.” It circles back to the short intensity thing – bin the junk miles so loved by runners and make it all count. ‘I went from running 70 miles a week to 40 miles but maintained my main workouts and went from training 10hrs/week to 25hrs/week.”

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