12 strength training exercises with videos

As we plan winter training programmes for our athletes we always emphasise one aspect of training that commonly gets overlooked – strength training, says Matt Sanderson of Triathlon Coaching UK (TCUK). Here he explains why it is important and shares 12 exercises (complete with videos)

Release: foam roll


1 x 20 sec hold on 'tender spot'


1 x 20 sec hold on 'tender spot'


Shoulder bridge

4 x 10 second holds

Single leg balance rotation

1 x 10 each side


Toe springs

2x20 reps

Box plyo jump

2x6 reps on 30sec rest between sets

Resistance: perform the following six exercises, take a short rest, and then repeat

Reverse lunge rotation

8 reps each side

Side plank

30sec hold each side

Press up with shoulder tap

6 reps each side 

Hand marching

10 reps each hand

Ball pullover

15 reps

Ball single leg bridge

12 reps each side


Training plan: Winter gym sessions for triathletes

Off-season weight training


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