Middle-distance triathlons: 8 of the UK's best for beginners

Want to try a 70.3 but wondering which half-Ironman distance triathlon is best for first timers? Here we pick our top 8 UK middle-distance triathlons suitable for newcomers to 113km racing…


Dearnford Lake, Shropshire

The numbers of the UK Ultimate Triathlon may be in the tens rather than thousands, but that’s all part of the draw of this low-key half iron experience. Like its UK Ultimate full triathlon, which we voted as one of the best iron-distance races for beginners, this features a calm multi-lap swim, flat bike and run courses and a minimal DNF rate.

“There’s no hassle or stress at the UK Ultimate,” says UK age-group legend Anthony Gerundini. “The low-pressure environment should quell any race nerves. With the accompanying iron distance race earlier that day, the race has enough buzz to be exciting, but isn’t so big you just become a number to be herded. You get loads of chances to visit the aid stations. High fiving and mutual encouragement is mandatory! Everyone has a smile on their face.”


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Hmmm, at £275, I'd rate this a 1/10 at best on price...


Could try the club run Cleveland Steelman at a reasonable ??50


I'm astonished that the Cleveland Steelman is not included here. Lovely water, mixed standard of racing, quiet roads and half the price of most of these at £50-£60. Too northern for you? Run by Cleveland Triathlon Club (I'm not associated with the club but have done the race a couple of times.)

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