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Iron-distance races: the 11 toughest

Make no mistake all 11 of these Ironman distance triathlons are tough and not for the faint-hearted, but which is the toughest long-distance race of all? We crunch some stats to find out...

10) Embrunman, France: Tough Score 72/100

With 3,600m of climbing on the bike alone, this southern France-set classic has been troubling triathletes since 1984 and is in 5th place on the list But are you brave enough to battle Embrunman?

"From Hawaii to Lanzarote and Bolton, out of all the Iron races I’ve done Embrunman is the toughest," says Bella Bayliss, three times winner.

"Diving into the water at 5:50am in the pitch dark is certainly different! 188km on the bike with some really decent climbs makes for a long day out. The marathon isn’t so hard, just tough after an extra hard bike. Sometimes I’ve raced Embrunman when it was snowing on top of the mountains, sometimes in heat waves in the valleys, so this also plays its part in the day. Put simply, I love it. It’s a true test of fitness."


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You've missed Swissman,

Arguably harder than Norseman at the least.


There's probably a typo for the Lanza swim temp. 29C is far from reality! Maybe 19C at best.


Don't forget the new one on the other side of the pond, Project DM



Take a look at www.Thorbeachtriathlon.com / https://www.facebook.com/Thorbeachtriathlon

That's a new tough one.


Agree wietcth TuckandGo with Swissman. And what about Altriman, Stonemanx Xtri (ambleside).... etc

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