The Weekend Warrior on… why you should never try to hide the truth from your wife

Our man Martyn Brunt gets caught out after covertly entering (and winning) a 5k race on holiday in Mexico, despite his best efforts to keep it under wraps
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Harry Wiltshire talks recovery and Kona hopes...

Writing just before last weekend’s Ironman race in Sweden where he placed fifth, the British athlete updates us on his recovery from injury
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Blog: Overcoming colon disease to become a GB triathlete

As a student Michelle Willcocks was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and underwent major surgery; recovering afterwards her Dad brought her some tri mags and a dream took shape…
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Nine tips for dodging injury and illness as a triathlete

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Injury forces Helen Jenkins out of Commonwealth Games 2014

Former ITU world champion says it’s “almost certain” she won’t be racing again this season after injuring her foot at WTS Hamburg
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Paula Radcliffe: “I love watching the Brownlees compete”

World record holder shares her thoughts on racing at next year’s London Marathon, which triathletes she enjoys watching – and reveals the best advice she ever received
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How much rest do triathletes need?

We explain how much training time you should spend at easier intensity, what an 'active recovery day' is, and whether you should take entire days off to let the body recover
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Explained: avoiding overtraining

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Non Stanford shares her thoughts on injury blow

“When life gives you lemons…. well I’ve pretty much got a swimming pool of lemonade out back right now,” writes reigning ITU world champion
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Chrissie Wellington on… recovering from injury

Surround yourself with positive people, focus on what’s possible right now and don’t rush back into training, says four-time Ironman world champ
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Eight tri-specific gym workouts for triathletes over 40

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What is ART therapy and how is it different from sports massage?

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5 top injury recovery tips from Helen Jenkins

Welsh athlete shares her advice on how triathletes can stay sane and improve their chances of a strong comeback
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Ad feature: Injury prevention in triathlon training

Did you know the vast majority of triathlon injuries happen in training?
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10 tips to stay injury-free

Top injury prevention advice for triathletes from sports physio Alison Rose, who's worked with Olympian Jess Ennis and the Brownlee brothers
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Cut your risk of injury this year

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