3 strength workouts for triathletes
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Indoor strength training: 3 quick workouts for swim, bike and run

Senior physiologist at The Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP), Jim Pate shares 3 quick and easy strength training workouts to do at home; one for each of triathlon's disciplines

1) The swim strength workout

Dips (Parallel bars or a wall/bar in front): 4 sets 10-15 reps

Pull Ups: 4 sets, as many as possible

Walk Outs: 4 sets, 15 reps

Handstand: 4 sets, 30 sec

Supine Flutter kick: 4 sets, 50 kicks

Abdominal Crunch: 4 sets, 20 reps

2) The bike strength workout

Step Up: 4 sets, 15 reps

Mountain Climbers: 4 sets, 50 reps

Reverse Lunge and twist: 4 sets, 10/side

Inverted Row (horizontal bar, edge of table): 4 sets, 10-15 reps

Jump Squat: 4 sets, 15 reps

Side to side heel taps: 4 sets, 25 reps/side


3) The run strength workout 

Alternating Jump Lunge: 4 sets, 20 reps

Push Up and Rotate: 4 sets, 16-24 reps

Hands on the wall high knees: 4 sets, 50 reps

Side Plank with lateral leg raise, 4 sets, 10 reps/side

Single Leg hamstring bridge: 4 sets, 15 reps each side

Spiderman plank: 4 sets, 10 reps/side

The Centre for Health and Human Performance (CHHP) combines the very latest in specialist medicine, human performance, sport and exercise medicine, physiotherapy and sport science. 



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