Triathlete on a turbo trainer
Triathlete on a turbo trainer
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50mins high cadence turbo session

Matt Sanderson, co-founder of Triathlon Coaching UK, explains how to avoid 9 common mistakes triathletes often make when turbo training....

Stay seated, stay focused and stay smooth with your pedal stroke during this high cadence set. Start with a low/moderate resistance for the first set. Increase the resistance slightly at the start of the second set and hold it there for the remainder of the main set. This session should challenge you more each set.

 Warm up 10 minutes

1min at 80rpm, 1min at 85rpm, 1min at 90rpm, 1min at 95rpm, 1min at 100rpm, 1min at 80rpm, 6sec rev out - (spin your legs as fast as you can), 54sec 85-90rpm, 6sec rev out, 54sec at 85-90rpm, 2min at 80rpm

Main set 30 minutes

5 x 6 minutes each broken as:

1 min 40 sec at 90-95rpm, 20 sec at 110-120rpm,

1 min 40 sec at 95-100rpm, 20 sec at 110-120rpm

1 min 40 sec at 100-105rpm, 20 sec at 110-120rpm

Repeat 5 times using the 90-95rpm set as the 'active recovery'.

Cool-down 10 minutes easy spin

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