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Turbo session: long, steady film ride

Take out the monotony with this variation on a drinking game

We continue our 12 Days of Christmas indoor training special with a turbo session which promises a twist on film-based drinking games.


Easy spinning through the opening credits.

Main set

Have one list of cues for increasing resistance/gear and one for decreasing. Below example when watching Star Wars:


– Every time someone says “Droid”
– The Force is mentioned
– A tie-fighter is blown up


– Someone fires up a light sabre
– An X-Wing Fighter is blown up
– Anyone says “Kenobi”
– R2-D2 or C-3P0 get damaged


Ride at easy intensity through the closing credits or plough on through the whole of the original trilogy if you’re going long next year. But only a true masochist would try Episodes I-III. 


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