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Turbo session: 2 x 20

The classic turbo session

We kick off our 12 Days of Christmas indoor training special with this turbo session, which promises to develop your ability to hold near-threshold efforts.

Over the next 12 days we'll be bringing you a new indoor training session each day, to get you raring for the coming tri season.


10mins progressive. Start easy and build so that, by the end, you’re sweating and just a couple of clicks below your effort level.

Main set

2 x 20mins with 5mins recovery. In race position, ride at your maximum sustainable pace/power for 20mins.

Spin easy for 5mins and then try to replicate. Note down distances, average power and average heart rate for comparisons to later sessions. 


5mins easy spinning.

Look out for tomorrow's session, a treadmill running session for sprint-distance triathletes


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