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Five turbo training sessions (2) - threshold booster

Try these five sets of our favourite turbo trainer workouts, and take your biking to the next level.

Session 2: threshold booster (41-65mins)

This session is designed to raise lactate threshold and your ability to perform near it.


5mins spinning while increasing gearing/resistance, followed by 5mins of 10secs sprint and 50secs recovery.

Main set

3-6 x 5mins with 3min recoveries. Shift to the big chainring and work hard for 5mins (aiming for a heart rate 15-25 beats below your maximum or, if using power, FTP).

At the end of 5mins, drop to the small chainring, drop the resistance and spin easy for 3mins. Repeat this work/recovery cycle for three to six reps depending on ability.


10mins easy spinning.

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