How should I warm up for a run?

The essential run warm-up routine from the multiple ITU world champ Spencer Smith
08 February 2019 at 09:00

Upper body strength: how to improve yours with these 4 exercises

Good upper body strength is important for athletes, particularly triathletes, if they want to perform at their best and protect themselves from injury. Here are four exercises that will help you improve your upper body strength.
07 February 2019 at 15:16

What is a triathlon?

A triathlon is one, demanding, race composed of three different elements to it; swim, bike and run. We explain how it works
07 February 2019 at 10:51

Extreme exercise found not to increase risk of cardiovascular disease, say scientists

Does extreme exercise make middle-aged male athletes more prone to heart problems? No says sports cardiologist Dr. Benjamin Levine
07 February 2019 at 09:34

Swimmer's shoulder: what causes it, and three exercises to treat it

We take a look at one of the most problematic ailments swimmers face, swimmer's shoulder (subacromial impingement), and how to diagnose and treat it, and share some exercises you can do to fix it
06 February 2019 at 08:00

Lucy Charles-Barclay's top 5 tips for race-day

She smashed the Kona swim record last October and took her second consecutive runner-up finish. Yes, it’s the one and only Lucy Charles-Barclay and she’s here with her top tips for tri race day
05 February 2019 at 13:18

What happens to your body when you start exercising after a break?

Physio Shelly Chakraborty explains what happens to your body when you start exercising or begin again after period of rest
04 February 2019 at 15:00

4 exercises to build lower body strength

Having good lower body strength will improve your athletic performance and help reduce your risk of injury. Nick Beer explains 4 exercises that will help you improve your lower body strength
31 January 2019 at 14:21

Chrissie Wellington explains how to recover from an iron-distance triathlon

Four-time Ironman world champion shares her advice on how best to recover after an Ironman-distance triathlon
29 January 2019 at 08:58

Improve your cycling technique for standing uphill climbs

Struggle to get, and stay, out of the saddle when trying to power up the hills? Only manage a few minutes before having to sit back down? Nik Cook has this session and advice
28 January 2019 at 12:53

Are women-only races progressive or patronising?

Following the backlash that met Ironman after the launch of its Iron Girl 5km fun run in Bolton, Tim Heming investigates the sport’s appetite for female-only events
25 January 2019 at 12:58  (1)

Ironman-distance triathlons: 10 of the cheapest

Got the Ironman bug but worried about the entry fees, travelling costs and accommodation bills of long-distance triathlons? Then fear ye not, because here we’ve compiled our list of affordable iron-distance experiences in the UK and Europe
23 January 2019 at 16:12

Does a woman’s athletic performance improve after having a baby?

James Witts explains how having a baby can actually (temporally) improve a woman's athletic performance - providing they have the time to train and race
23 January 2019 at 11:34

Why do muscles still hurt a few days after exercise?

Physiotherapist Gbemi Adedipe explains what causes your muscles to still ache and hurt a few days after exercising hard
21 January 2019 at 09:26

Free 8-week indoor training plan for winter

Hate training indoors during the miserable winter weather? Join the club! But with our 8-week plan you’ll (almost) enjoy every second!
14 January 2019 at 12:42

23 must do races for 2019

There’s no better way to put a spring in the step of your winter training than to plan your next season of racing. Here we take you on a multisport journey to find the 2019 races for you
09 January 2019 at 11:33

Chrissie Wellington's favourite bike training session

This bike pyramid training session was a favourite of four-time Ironman world champ Chrissie Wellington.
09 January 2019 at 10:27

3 common musculoskeletal problems cycling causes and how to treat them

Physiotherapist Shelly Chakraborty explains the key factors that cause the most common cycling injuries and how you can treat them
08 January 2019 at 09:22

Foam rollers: how to use them

A foam roller can help to achieve similar benefits to deep tissue massage and, used correctly, can help to improve flexibility and decrease muscle tension. In conjunction with a regular strength and conditioning programme, this humble piece of equipment can help to keep you injury and niggle-free. Below are four key areas that need the most attention.
07 January 2019 at 12:47

Dave Scott's key Ironman open water swim session

Want to get the edge on Ironman race day? Here's how to train smart in open water, says the six-time champion Dave Scott
07 January 2019 at 11:13