It's ok I deserve it... What the treats cost you in calories and training

Wondering what it will take to burn off that burger and coke you had a lunchtime or that muffin someone bought you as a treat? Helen Webster investigates


Swim: 20 mins
A 70kg female athlete needs about 20mins of front crawl to burn off the calories from a ‘full fat’ Coke. For an 85kg male, it’s about 15mins.

Bike: 25 mins
With a high pace and a few hills, a 70kg woman will work off the Coke’s calories in less than half an hour. An 85kg chap will do it in about 20mins.

Run: 15 mins
Quarter of an hour of running at 8mph would allow a 70kg woman to cancel out that bottle of Coke. For an 85kg man it’s about 12mins at that pace





Swim: 17 mins
If you’re a 12-stone bloke and can manage to swim butterfly well (just to mix things up!) then you’ll earn your ice cream in just 17 minutes.

Bike:18 mins
For the same 12-stone guy, heading into the pain cave for some vigorous turbo action will see you enjoying your Magnum in a similar amount of time

Run: 19 mins
For a 10-stone woman, under 20 minutes of running at a speed of 7mph will earn the summer treat. For our man, just 16mins.


Swim: 85 mins
The average 12-stone guy would need to put in some serious pool time to get his chops around a pasty. That’s over an hour of moderate freestyle!

Bike: 60 mins
Head down to Cornwall and put in some effort on the hills and you only have to ride for an hour to earn a traditional pasty, fresh from the oven. Yum.

Run: 55 mins
Putting in some miles at 9min/mile pace will see you enjoying your pasty after under an hour of running. Not a bad result!





Swim: 53 mins
The average 12-stone guy would need to hit the pool  for just under an hour of easy/moderate freestyle swimming before he gets his breakfast treat.

Bike: 56 mins
For a leaner 10-stone triathlete, cycling at a moderate pace (12-14mph) would see them tucking into a muffin after a little under an hour, too.

Run: 45 mins
When time is tight, turn to running though if you need to burn calories fast. Our same 10-stone athlete only has to hit 10-min miles for 45 mins.


Swim: 28 mins
It’d take a 12-stone male triathlete under half an hour of moderate freestyle to be tucking in to that peanutty, caramel goodness.

Bike: 20 mins
The same athlete would only need to ride at 14-16mph for 20mins to earn his/her treat – that is, if his route doesn’t take in a cake stop as well..

Run:18 mins
Hold a 9-minute-mile running pace, though, and the Snickers would be guilt-free for our 12-stone triathlete in next to no time at all.


Swim: 46 mins
It’d take a 13-stone man 46mins to burn off the 519 calories of a chicken, bacon and mayo club doing a light/moderate front crawl.

Bike: 55 mins
The average UK woman (11-stone), meanwhile, would need to hit the road and cycle for just under an hour at a moderate 12-14mph pace.

Run: 29 mins
Running at 8min mile pace will find the smoked bacon calories flying off, with a 13-stone man taking 29mins and the 11-stone woman 33 mins. Result!


Swim: 45 mins
Swim like you’re being chased and the good news is a 12-stone man can burn off the burger with under an hour of vigorous freestyle.

Bike: 60 mins
Just one hour of moderate cycling will earn an 11-stone woman a burger. Or hit the turbo super-hard and it’s yours in 35 minutes.

Run: 35 mins
Running really is where the calorie-burn wins are found. You’ll have worked off your Big Mac after only 35mins if you hold 7mph as a 12-stone man.


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