Five foods to boost protein intake

Tired of chicken? Try adding these protein-packed ingredients to your diet

Want to increase the amount of protein in your diet without racking up a huge bill at the butchers? Add these five ingredients to your shopping list...


TofuA very good source of protein, and can be used in similar ways to poultry or fish. Great in stir-fries, tofu is low in fat and also an excellent source of available calcium. (Image: J. Samuel Burner


broccoliBroccoli is a surprisingly good source of protein. A 200g serving contains as much as an egg, plenty of vitamin C, potassium and folic acid. Broccoli also boosts detoxification ability and is known for its anti-cancer properties. (Image: Donovan Govan)


whitebaitA 100g portion of these lightly fried fish will give you 20g of protein, along with vital omega-3 fats and almost a day’s requirement of calcium. (Image: Tom Betts)

Garden peas

garden peasA 200g portion of peas delivers a whopping 12g of protein. Peas also contain significant amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, fibre, iron and potassium. (Image: Bill Ebbesen)


almondsA handful of almonds will give you 8g of protein (the same amount as an egg), along with healthy monounsaturated oleic acid, which is renowned for its heart-healthy benefits, and significant amounts of calcium and magnesium. (Image: NMajik)

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