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ZipVit ZV2 Energy Extreme

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ZipVit present some rather strong claims with their Extreme energy drink. And there’s no denying that each serving packs a punch, with 26.2g of carbohydrate (a little shy of the 6% optimal level), 3.4g of protein, and seven different minerals and electrolytes.

This orange flavour mix makes a milky-looking liquid that, by comparison to the other drinks on test, suggests a less synthetic set of ingredients, which concurs with the avoidance of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. But on hitting the taste buds and back of the throat, a syrupy, salty attack brought on the gag reflex.

It would surely take an iron stomach to consume a whole serving when this was made up at the directed concentration. Even at half the suggested dosage, this was a decidedly unpleasant experience.


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