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Low calorie beers: 3 of the best

It's a tough job; Matt Baird sups 3 of the best low calorie beers to find his favourite



Go to a German triathlon and you’ll likely see the winners pouring Alkoholfrei over each other. It contains 125 kcal per 500ml bottle and Erdinger bill it as an isotonic recovery drink, but the taste is just too sweet when compared to the craft beers seen below.

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The hipster’s beer brand of choice low-alcohol number offers just 0.5% of alcohol content and 26 calories in each 330ml can. And it’s surprisingly good (if understandably lacking a little depth), resulting in a hoppy, citrusy
and smoky craft beer taste.

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Coming in with a 3% alcohol content, the Gen!us (their exclamation mark) is easily the strongest here. Unsurprisingly it also has the greatest range of flavour and offers a reasonable citrus hit to its smooth pilsner feel. And it boasts just 72cals per 330ml can. 

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