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Gatorade Blackcurrant

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Another Gatorade flavour finally makes its way over the Atlantic. At 6% carbohydrate, the composition is very much the same as our native Lucozade Sport, with just a slightly lower carbohydrate content (2g) per serving, contributing to a 15kcal-reduced energy content.

Sodium levels are identical, while there is a slightly elevated amount of potassium (15mg), which may assist with fluid and electrolyte balance.

The main difference is the omission of the artificial sweetener aspartame, which has been subject to a degree of negative press attention recently (although the USA’s Food and Drug Administration insist it is perfectly safe).

As for taste, providing you manage to get past the poorly-designed cap, you’re rewarded with a smooth, non-overpowering flavour, with just enough sweetness; ideal for chugging during training and races. There’s also a powder available if you’re likely to need bulk.


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