Elivar Endure
Elivar Endure
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Elivar Endure

Refreshing energy drink formulated for athletes over 35

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Elivar’s Endure energy drink is very different in that it’s formulated to support the nutritional needs of older (35+) endurance athletes during exercise. 

Each 45g sachet includes 8g of whey protein to help prevent muscle breakdown, along with the very slow energy-releasing carbohydrate isomaltulose (to prevent energy peaks and crashes) and a broad spectrum of nutrients that support energy metabolism. 

When mixed with 500ml of water as directed, the result is a light and refreshing orange and mango flavour. The acidity is low, making it gentle on the stomach. However, the downside is a taste lacking in any fruity tanginess. 

At 5.2p per gram of carbohydrate it’s not cheap, but it’s an excellently formulated energy drink and a genuinely different offering. And you’re getting some whey protein into the bargain, too.


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