USN Honey, Seeds & Nuts energy bar
USN Honey, Seeds & Nuts energy bar
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Review: USN Honey, Seeds & Nuts energy bar

Not the cheapest but natural ingredients, good taste and texture

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£41.22 (pack of 18)


Billed as a ‘post-workout snack or a quick energy pack bite to eat between stages of a triathlon’, USN’s latest energy bar contains a blend of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds, almonds, raisins, and of course honey.

The all-natural recipe is also free from all artificial additives, and while the fat content is higher than average this comes courtesy of the naturally healthy fats present in nuts and seeds, including essential omega-3.

On the taste front, the natural honey/nutty taste and moist chewy texture was enjoyable. And while the honey content means it’s on the sweet side it wasn’t overly so. Recommended.

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