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Review: Multipower Nature’s Power energy bar

High sugar, but a decent tasting bar for pre- and during exercise

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This 40g Honey and Seed bar is a typical mix of oats, rice and soya crispies, sesame and pumpkin seeds, all bound together with several refined syrups and sugars, rice flour and sunflower oil.

It’s intended to be eaten before or during exercise, and the packaging states that it’s ‘made with natural ingredients’, which may be true for some of the ingredients, but certainly not all of them. 

Per bar it delivers a comfortable 155 kcals, with 26g carbohydrate. Only 17g of this carb content comes from the cereals, as the ‘sugar’ content is 8.8g, so over a heaped teaspoon! 

We doubt this would have any negative effect on performance, but some athletes would prefer a bar free from refined sugars. It has a little protein (3.8g) and the fat content is pretty low at 4g per bar. The taste was fairly sweet but pleasant enough.

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