Powerbar Natural Protein Bar review
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Powerbar Natural Protein Bar review

A very different eating experience from most protein bars, thanks to the use of whole foods including pea protein

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Powerbar Natural Protein Bar review

Protein bars can make a handy snack (especially after training), and while undoubtedly convenient, some can be rather ‘synthetic’ tasting.

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Enter PowerBar’s Natural Protein Bar, which is high in protein from whole foods, providing a very different eating experience. 

Each 40g bar supplies 12g of protein courtesy of peanuts, soy protein crisps and pea protein. There are also 12g of carbohydrate (a useful addition to protein for recovery) from glucose/fructose, maltodextrin blend, and blueberries and cranberries in the ‘blueberry nut’ flavour. 

Both the flavours went down well; the salty peanut variety will certainly appeal to nut fans, while the blueberry flavour is, well, fruity and moist! Regardless of flavour, both varieties offer a very natural, crunchy texture – much more like eating real food!

Verdict: A more ‘natural’ protein bar with great flavour and texture at a decent price, 91%


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