5 foods that... assist in detoxification

Planning a detox? Here are 5 foods that'll help


Limes provide plenty of vitamin C, a well-known and important antioxidant, the depletion of which is associated with increased oxidative stress and impaired detoxification. 


The many tea polyphenols present in green tea have been shown to increase antioxidant enzyme activity involved in the second phase of detoxification in the gut and liver. 


An apple flavonoid called phlorizin is thought to help stimulate bile production, which assists in detoxification as toxins are excreted via bile. The soluble fibre pectin also helps detox heavy metals.


Broccoli sprouts contains powerful plant chemicals that are released when they’re chopped, chewed or digested. These substances then break down into molecules which all have a specific effect on detoxification. 


Brazil nuts are an excellent source of selenium and vitamin E – a powerful free radical scavenger. Selenium is an important co-factor for an essential ‘detox’ enzyme called glutathione peroxidase.

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