How including good fats in your diet can help you race better

Enduring stomach problems when racing is a common problem for triathletes. Dave Scott explains how including good fats in your diet can help you combat them and race faster and stronger
25 January 2018 at 15:27

Are protein shakes actually worth it?

Wondering whether you need to drink protein shakes or rely on your diet for all your protein needs? Joel Enoch explains all
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How to use caffeine to improve your athletic performance

Want to get the most from a caffeine boost? Then save it for the important races, when you need it most say scientists
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How to reach your optimal bodyweight for triathlon

Apart from training smarter and harder, the next best way to get faster is to hit your optimal body weight. Joe Friel shows you how…
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What to eat during a duathlon

Jo Scott-Dalgleish explains how to fuel a standard-distance duathlon so you start the second run strong
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5 foods that... fight cold and flu

Don't let the winter bugs bite by including these 5 foods in your diet
08 January 2018 at 13:32

What is a detox and is it necessary?

After a period of excess (which might have happened during the off-season!) there’s often a suggestion of needing a detox, a purification of all the self-indulgence. So what is a detox? What does it really involve? And is it truly necessary? Renee McGregor examines the truth...
02 January 2018 at 01:00

Beat Christmas weight gain

The season of festive treats and stodgy puds is upon us! Our nutrition expert Nigel Mitchell explains how you can indulge without losing fitness...
22 December 2017 at 12:00

How to survive the Christmas feasting

How to stay on track without being a festive killjoy
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5 foods that... are great for taking out on the bike

Fill your pockets/saddle bags with these healthy snacks
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What should you look for in an energy bar?

Feel daunted by the choice of energy bars available on the market, and unsure whether to go high carb or high protein. Nutritionist Lucy-Anne Prideaux explains what to look out for
05 December 2017 at 12:10

5 foods that... act as anti-inflammatories

It makes good sense to include lots of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet, as they will help ‘mop up’ all the reactive molecules produced during exercise, which inflame the muscles, slow recovery and can depress the immune system. Here are 5 of the best to include in your diet when training hard
27 November 2017 at 14:51

Is it worth training on a hangover?

Jon Hodgkinson takes a look at how alcohol impacts your training, and more importantly what you can do to keep your weekends full of productive training…even if you have enjoyed a drink or two
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Increase Vitamin D to build muscle strength

Recent research shows how using a supplement can help triathlon performance
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5 foods that... assist in detoxification

Planning a detox? Here are 5 foods that'll help
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5 foods that... help fuel very long bike rides

Fuel your long bike rides with these 5 foods tucked in your pockets or rucksack
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How important is protein?

Wondering how important protein is for triathletes, compared to carbohydrates? Kate Percy has the answers
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5 foods that... help you exercise for longer

Include these 5 foods in your diet to help you make the most out of every training session
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What happens when you take a recovery drink?

Recovery drinks are designed to be consumed shortly after training to help the body restore itself. We explain how they work and what happens once the liquid passes your lips
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5 foods that... help build muscle

Help your body build the strength needed for triathlon with these 5 foods
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