5 foods that... help you exercise for longer

Include these 5 foods in your diet to help you make the most out of every training session
30 October 2017 at 11:43

What happens when you take a recovery drink?

Recovery drinks are designed to be consumed shortly after training to help the body restore itself. We explain how they work and what happens once the liquid passes your lips
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5 foods that... help build muscle

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5 foods that... will help aid sleep

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5 foods that... boost energy and endurance

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Why sports drinks containing both glucose and fructose can help performance

Wondering what are the physiological effects and performance benefits of using sports drinks containing glucose and fructose (two sugar types) are? Here's Andrew Hamilton with the answers
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Is it worth eating 'anti-inflammatory' foods post training and racing?

Wondering if it's beneficial to eat anti-inflammatory foods after training and racing, and if so, what are the best foods? Lucy-Ann Prideaux has this advice for triathletes
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5 foods... that may prevent or ease cramp

Suffer with cramp when training and racing? Here are 5 foods that might help
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Diet nutrient split: what's the right balance for triathletes?

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5 foods that... have extraordinary antioxidant power

Antioxidants are important for preventing, and limiting, damage to cells. Here are five foods with the power
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How important is body fat percentage for athletes?

Wondering how important body fat percentage is and what the best way to reduce it is? Sports scientist of Precision Hydration Andy Blow explains all
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What's the difference between whey and casein protein and when's best to digest them?

Confused about whey and casein proteins and how they help? Nick Smith explain the difference and when triathletes should take them.
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How to fuel the Ironman

Race, fuel, race, fuel… timing is key when racing Ironman. And you’ll also need to combat dehydration and hyponatremia, especially if you’re racing in the heat. James Witts explains when to eat and when to drink during the long-distance triathlon
13 September 2017 at 10:16

It's ok I deserve it... What the treats cost you in calories and training

Wondering what it will take to burn off that burger and coke you had a lunchtime or that muffin someone bought you as a treat? Helen Webster investigates
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How to fuel the sprint triathlon

Hydration is especially key when it comes to fuelling a sprint triathlon, but how much will depend on your bodyweight
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What to eat during the week before your triathlon

You should spend race week stuffing yourself with pasta, right? Think again, as what you eat or drink in the week before can make or break your race
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Top 8 sports supplements for triathletes

Sports nutrition can enhance training adaptations and race performances, says Joe Beer. But only if you choose the right ones...
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5 foods that…revive tired muscles

These 5 foods will help your tired and fatigued muscles to recover quicker
04 September 2017 at 11:02  (3)

How much should you eat during a half-Ironman?

Stepping up to middle-distance and wondering how to fuel race-day? Planning your nutrition and hydration successfully can be the difference between victory and failure. Here's how make sure your nutritional strategy makes it a success...
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How alcohol affects your body

Ever wondered what the effects of drinking alcohol are? We all know alcohol holds back performance, but do you know exactly what’s going on in your mind and body as a result of drinking? Lucy-Ann Prideaux reports…
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