Eight handy tips to keep your triathlon nutrition on track

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After making her long-distance debut at Ironman Barcelona, British pro Susie Hignett debunks some of the more popular M-dot sayings, such as 'don't drink cola'
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Sally Gunnell’s six top fuelling tips for triathletes

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Freekeh: the UK's new superfood, what you need to know

This ancient greenwheat boasts impressive nutritional credentials, including lots of protein, fibre and “prebiotic” qualities – and was discovered after a crop fire long ago
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Vegetarian fuelling for an Ironman

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Beat the heat when going long

Take a look at our fuelling advice for long-distance duels in the sun, and make sure you don't fall victim to dehydration – or worse
18 July 2014 at 15:28

Mirinda Carfrae on coping with the heat in long-distance triathlons

We ask the reigning Ironman World Champion how she performs at the highest level in hot weather, and what happened at Kona 2012 when she didn't take on enough water
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A triathlete’s guide to salt levels

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What is 'carb cycling' and is it suitable for triathletes?

We explain how this fat-loss technique works, and if you should use it in triathlon training
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5-minute recipe: Bircher muesli

A quick-fix breakfast cereal with an endurance- boosting balance of carbs, vitamins, minerals and fibre
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20min recipe: Pad Thai noodles

A quick, easy and delicious spicy dish, perfect for staving off wet-weather chills
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