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Here's how Ali Brownlee fuelled his first Ironman victory
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What's the Mediterranean diet and is it good for athletes?

Study shows vast performance gains in athletes eating a Mediterranean diet
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What's the difference between fruit and vegetables, and which are best for athletes?

Wondering how fruit and vegetables differ nutritionally, and if one's better than the other for athletes? Nutritionist Sophie Heath explains
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What’s the difference between a sports drink and a recovery drink?

Jon Hodgkinson, founder of Real Food Function and resident nutritionist with Triathlon Coaching UK, explains the differences between a sports drink and a recovery drink and when to use each
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What is the Paleo diet, and is it suitable for a triathlete training for an Ironman?

Heard that the Paleo diet can help you lose weight, but unsure whether it's suitable to fuel your Ironman training? James Witts explains...
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Protein: Do your needs change as you get older?

Wondering if your protein needs change as you age, and whether a woman's protein needs differ from a man's? James Witts investigates
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Energy bars: 4 of the best reviewed, tested and rated

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Endurance diet: Nutrition that'll improve your staying power

Include these in your diet to improve your endurance and stamina so you perform at your best when it matters
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Probiotics: Are they worth taking?

Thinking about adding probiotics to your diet? Renee McGregor explains all you need to know
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Get lean for tri: Does it matter what time of day you eat?

Want to get lean for tri and wondering if there is a best time to eat to maximise muscle gain and weight loss? Sports nutritionist Stephen Smith has this advice for meal times
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Should you maintain your racing weight over winter?

Wondering how much weight gain you should allow yourself in winter? And how you maintain weight throughout the season? Tim Don explains what works for him and shares some advice
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How much should you pee during an Ironman?

Wondering how much, and how often, you should pee during an Ironman? Hydration expert Andy Blow of Precision Hydration explains
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Lucy Charles-Barclay on triathlon nutrition

Kona 2017 and 2018 silver medallist Lucy Charles-Barclay talks to Tim Heming about her nutrition
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Does a woman’s hydration needs differ to a man’s?

Andy Blow from Precision Hydration explains how a woman’s hydration needs differ to a man’s
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What is the the FODMAP diet?

Suffer from gastrointestinal issues when racing and training, and heard the FODMAP diet could help? Sports nutritionist Stephen Smith explains what it is, how it works and why it's worth giving it a go under the direction of a qualified nutritionist
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Tuna versus salmon: Which is best for you?

Nutritionist Renee McGregor explains the nutritious benefits of salmon and tuna, and discusses which is the healthiest for endurance athletes
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The big sports nutrition debate

Nothing stokes the flames of controversy quite like nutrition messaging in sports media. Especially when the ‘wrong’ tone can have disastrous consequences for vulnerable athletes. So what advice should we be reading and following? Let’s get debating…
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Ironman run: How can I stop constantly needing to go to the loo?

Fed up with needing to go to the loo every 10-15 minutes on the Ironman run, and not sure what you're doing wrong? Mark Kleanthous has this advice
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What is a sweat test, and should you take one?

Sports scientist and hydration expert Andy Blow explains what a ‘sweat test’ is, what the options are for endurance athletes, and how taking one could help you significantly improve your performance…
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Energy gels: 9 of the best reviewed, tested and rated

Energy gels are a vital part of every triathlete's training and racing kit. James Witts tests 9 of the best to find what you should be taking
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