Gordon Ramsay at Kona

TV chef Gordon Ramsay to race Ironman Wales this September

Kitchen Nightmares star returns to triathlon one year after Kona debut, racing in the 45-49 age-group against 321 other athletes

If you're keen to prove that you deserved a slot at Ironman Hawaii last year more than Gordon Ramsay did, then good news – the TV chef will be racing Ironman Wales this September.

The celeb will be racing in the male 45-49 category, with 322 people in his age-group. The top athlete in his age-group last year finished Ironman Wales in 10:16:03 (take a bow Tom Bishop). By comparison, Ramsay finished the gruelling Kona course last year in 14:04:48.

Ramsay lost over 12kg to get in shape for his first Ironman, saying that he looked like "a *bloody piece of asparagus" after following a training regime that saw him get up at 4:30am each day. His appearance in Hawaii last year drew some controversy however, with many age-groupers taking to Twitter to complain that he bypassed the normal qualification system. 

This year's Ironman Wales sold out in record time, with 2,150 athletes expected to cover the 3.8km swim off Tenby beach, followed by a 180km bike through hilly Pembrokeshire countryside and finishing with a 42.2km run into the centre of Tenby.

If you've entered this year's race and are worried about staying on track over the next eight months, check out our recent article on six training tactics for Ironman Wales.

Will you be racing at Ironman Wales? Are you looking forward to lining up against Chef Ramsay? Let us know in the comments below!


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I wonder how he got into this event then? Charity place? Perhaps the Ironman bosses encourage celebrities to enter thinking that it's good marketing/PR? In my opinion it's the exact opposite and devalues our sport. GR has disrespected Kona by making that his first Ironman event. He may pay for that on the Wales course - too tough for him (I hope)!!


Yes, sells out in record time, yet, surprisingly GR has a place! Somehow can't imagine him on his laptop eagerly submitting his online entry as soon as the event opened?

Tom OGorman

Don't be so bloomin' cynical! Yes it's true that he probably got given his place from the organisers but I think it's a fantastic opportunity to get the sports name out there. Like it or not Gordon Ramsay is more famous than a large majority of the podium winners at Ironman events. The entire sport of triathlon can benefit from an appearance from a celebrity like him.

And regardless of whether you don't like that he's making an appearance or not. When did it ever become acceptable to disrespect someone for completing an or competing in an Ironman?! You should never forget how hard an Ironman is and we should congratulate anyone who turns up and finishes. After all, he may be celebrity enough to get into the race for free, but it's not going to help him train. That he'll have to do himself.

Ginger Triathlete

Good point Tom. I understand the critisism of celebrities being given a 'free place' in an event, but they're the ones that will have to finish it. They're not anonymous either. We could limp in at 17 hrs, go home and plan to work on our development areas, but the pressure on them to complete in a 'decent' time must be huge.

Hats off to anyone who FINISHES an Ironman regardless on how they got there. At some point, they've had to put in the effort

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