Snowman winner Jane Hansom's winter training tips

Top age-grouper shares her advice

Top age-grouper Jane Hansom shares her top advice for the off-season, and picks the gear she can't do without. 

Jane's 2013 achievements include winning the Snowman and Sandman triathlons, knocking 15mins off the latter's course record with a time of 2:45:23. 

What is your top advice for the off-season? 

I spend the time working on what I need to be better at.

Most people choose to work on their swim, which I always do, but last year I focussed on the bike.  

I took 15mins off my 40km bike time with good base endurance training and leg strength work. 

What do prioritise for training?

For bike training I do a long ride at the weekend, and a Watt bike session mid-week.

I go long and slow on my runs. I love this as I miss the longer runs I used to do when I was marathon running, plus its nice to run on feel and without a watch sometimes.

For swimming I do single arm drills: I'm like Nemo, I have a lazy "fin", I don't think I catch as effectively on one side.

How do you change your approach to nutrition?

I allow myself to carry a bit more body fat. It's warmer, I know I'm working harder with extra weight, and it will come off when I start racing again.

Is there any winter-specific training gear you cannot do without?

That's easy. Craft winter overshoes, socks and gloves. I love Craft as they make kit for sub-zero Swedish winters, so it works. 

My feet and hands usually FREEZE but these do the job perfectly and get me through long weekend rides.


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