Gordon Ramsay racing Ironman
Gordon Ramsay racing Ironman

Poll: celebrities racing triathlon are definitely good for the sport, say majority of readers

It's official – most of you think celebrities are a force for good in triathlon (but shouldn't be gifted free entry to Kona)

The results of our latest online poll are now in, with a clear majority of our readers saying celebrities doing triathlon are good for our sport.

With TV personalities like chef Gordon Ramsay and presenter Davina McCall getting involved in triathlon recently (with Davina memorably needed to be pulled from a chilly Lake Windermere) many readers have questioned whether the attention they bring is positive.

But from the many readers who voted, two-thirds said they 'definitely' do the sport good, while the remainder were equally split between 'no way' and 'not sure'. Thanks to everyone who voted!

Here are some of our favourite comments from Twitter:

This month's poll asks – 'Should Lance Armstrong be allowed to race triathlon?'


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Tri Fly

As long as like any triathlete they get there and compete through there hard effort like the rest of us no problem.

If they get a place just because there a celebrity then no way

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