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06/06/2013 at 07:52
As above, simply cycle together, the pace is dictated by the slower rider. Failing that handlebar mirrors, how about something like this ... ... 3a69a29f28 see conversation
14/05/2013 at 22:53
An easy one is bike-run, easy to do in the gym, do a session on a spin cycle then onto a treadmill, I do 2 a week.

Practice transition at home. Keep it simple. I see people with huge boxes, you don't need that crap.

Helmet on bars, inside helmet race belt (get a race belt £5, usually get 2 numbers pin them back to back), underneath belt - shades. On floor besides bike small towel, on top of towel cycle shoes (unless you are using shoes already clipped in), behind cycle shoes, running shoes, in running shoes - energy gel, neck it at the start of the run.

Get there early, walk transition so you know routes in from swim to your bike, bike out, bike in and run out. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we are a friendly lot.

Above all, have fun. You will make mistakes and learn loads.

Good luck see conversation
24/04/2013 at 21:41
General opinion is that alu rim gives more consistent breaking including in the wet but then an upgrade to Swiistop yellows and a bit of forethought with carbon rims shouldn't cause any major dramas. Threads I've read suggest don't clean off the yellow film form the Swisstops on the carbon rim as that improves dry and wet weather braking. The last race I did, 24k sprint tri I applied my brakes 5 times.

Depends on the course, most tri events go for fast less technical bike sections as people would get peed off if they are up and down braking all the time with no chance to get any speed up - after all got to justify our lovely deep sections, can't do that if you are braking every 500m. see conversation
24/04/2013 at 21:32
OK, you have had a bike fit , an aero helmet - best bang for the buck.

Wheels - First of all clincher or tub?
My humble opinion is that if you use your bike purely for racing and training/recce rides on a course go for tubs. If however you do a lot of rides whether for enjoyment or to get the miles in as well as racing many people go for clinchers on the basis that they are more likely to get punctures with the increased mileage. Having said that I have had the same set of tubs for 2 Outlaws, 2 Vitruvians, about 20 Sprint and Olympic tris and about 1,000'ish Km in race training rides, about 2000km all told and they are still in good nick.

V brief pros/cons
Clinchers -
Pros; tyres, inner tubes cheaper, rolling resistance improving and catching up with tubs.
Cons; wheels more expensive and heavier than tubs, can be dangerous if they flat at speed and can come off the rim, can get 'pinch flats' if care is not taken.
Tubs -
Pros; rolling resistance currently better, run higher pressures so puncture resistance higher, if you flat at speed they are safer and can even ride when flat. Wheels cheaper in comparison to clinchers

Re Zipps. I have Zipp Firecrest 404/808 tubs - me likey very much Comparison - just at random Zipp Firecrest 808 tubs £1499 + tyres £110, clinchers £1,699 + tyres £60 + inner tubes £10.

So you would have to go through 3 and a bit tubs assuming the clinchers never got gashed or wore out - a highly contentious issue and a very personal one. After all Chrissie Wellington did OK on her trusty HED clinchers.

Clinchers - Flo wheels have a good rep, not sure if avail this side of the pond yet
Tubs, PX 50/82 £499, Fuerte Bici gaining a good rep

aargh if I'm not careful going to get dragged into a war - very contentious but I will say - buy cheap, buy twice.

Anyway - I now open up the floor see conversation
24/04/2013 at 07:42
+1 for component upgrades, with patience that can be done by sales or ebay. Then when you decide to get a carbon Tri frame you can swap the components over. My first (alu) tri bike cost £900 but was so well specced that I swapped the components onto my present P2 frame. Having said that 105/Rival are good and anything above that is a lot of money for v marginal gains. see conversation
22/04/2013 at 15:34
Drop Impsport a line see conversation
17/04/2013 at 08:35
No reviews that I can see, latest reference I can see is here
planet-x-or-tiger-frog-t51646.html see conversation
15/04/2013 at 17:51
Bib 391 - aha a fast swimmer, you will starting off next to my team mate 392.

Burton Hill climb profile is here;
As you can see the climb actually starts as you enter the village so you need to be setting yourself up well before not suddenly turning the corner on Main street and seeing that you have a hill to climb so it's all about getting your gears and cadence right and gritting your teeth for the next 2 minutes. Forewarned is forearmed and makes the job a bit easier.

Bike route here

What I always do is that if unable to do a physical recce of the route I plot the route on or something similar to get a feel for the course, profiles etc and then explore it with Google Streetview. Getting to know the course is important for safety so you can anticipate hazards, sharp descents etc. and also for planning your race i.e. when you need to be thinking about braking and when you need to get a wiggle on prior to a climb and also when approaching the end so you can think about dismounting and T2. E.g. on a section of the Vitruvian you are riding along a fairly flat bit as you approach a railway arch, what you don't see is that as soon as you go under the road bends to the left and Ripple 1 starts. If you know that then you can get a wiggle on for a few hundred metres to get some momentum and make the early part a bit (not much) easier. As you are racing the landmarks are recognisable and eases the stress levels, you need to be concentrating on getting the max effort down, not feathering the brakes or wondering where the next turn is.

Hope that helps see conversation
15/04/2013 at 14:56
Not quite, a lot of people are caught out. Recce using Google Streetview, I do that on every new course so you know the landmarks etc. Out of T1, over 2 roundabouts - marshalled. First 2k flat, time to take on nutrition and get bike sorted. Road bends left, gradual rise, road bends right into Burton village, road bends right, rise increases, road bends left to start of Burton hill so at that point really start to spin out to get some momentum going. About 20m climb over 300m ... but it doesn't stop, turn left at the top, Police stop traffic for you, you then have another 15-20m climb over 750m, that catches a lot of people out as they don't expect it. So basically for about 2.5k you are climbing from gradual to short and sharp.

About 4k over the top then L onto Till Bridge lane. short sharp drop of about 30m over 1k, max out on your cadence there then further 10m drop over next 1k. Flat for 7k but it is generally windy, headwinds not uncommon but certainly crosswinds unless weather is exceedingly kind.

L 95 deg towards Saxilby, wibbly wobbly for 5.5k, can be gusty approaching Saxilby. L onto A57. 4k flat and straight, generally sheltered. R onto roundabout, beware lots of idiot chav drivers on their way to Skegness. see conversation
12/04/2013 at 11:36
So Lincoln tri is a week away, have you got your kit sorted? Bib no's are out, I am 313, need any pointers then just give me a shout. see conversation

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