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14/07/2010 at 01:44
The feedback I got from a friend who did IMUK last year in Bolton was that it was not an inspiring location. I know there were some unforeseeable weather conditions that messed up some of the organisation. It is not well supported in the UK so rather than do an expensive M dot race in this country you can do a cheaper not branded one like the Outlaw, Big Woody etc.

Or, go to europe where it is as or more expensive but the support is massive. I'm doing my first IM in Switzerland in 2 weeks and have heard really postive things about the whole thing. see conversation
14/07/2010 at 01:40
Given the option, wear the wetsuit, for all but a few it will make you significantly quicker. The only time not to wear it is if they are banned for the event due to water temperature.

I somehow managed to forget my wetsuit when I went to the lake the other day. Decided to go for a cold dip. Swimming with people who I'd normally be 10-15secs faster than over 100m, I was unable to keep up with them whilst I was sprinting and they were just warming up!!! - I was shocked....and cold! see conversation
14/07/2010 at 01:30
I bought a new carbon TT bike this year and a set of Hed Jet 60 fr/90 rr wheels.

Biggest improvent has come from the bike which was £2200 - Cannondale Slice Ultegra with Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels. They're the training wheels now. Obviously different prices but given the choice of one or the othe I'd go TT bike- think the 105 was shifting for about £1500, about same as the wheels you're talking about.

I went for a similar combination wheel selection as you for the same reason, allrounders. You basically want the deepest section rims you want without getting blown off (!!!). The 50/60 on the front is about the highest you can go as there is less weight on this part of the bike and it is pivotted. You can go slightly deeper on the back as your weight is over it and if you do get a blast the whole bike moves which is easier to control. see conversation
14/07/2010 at 01:22
Hmm, that's an interesting question. Not sure about the exact answer but what I do know is that the spacers are there to ensure the chain rings are in line with the cassette to create the correct 'chainline' - this will optimise drive train performance. With that in mind I would imagine the spacers are there to make up for a lack of width of the bottom bracket so whatever bb you use the crankset will be in the same place and thus offset by the same amount.

That may be a load of rubbish! - but think it makes sense. So, are you measureing the centre line of the bike correctly (note: I have no idea of how that is done!!!), just wondering if you have measured the centre of the bb shell, is the bb shell central in the rest of the frame? Is the BB compatible with the frame?

Just a few ideas, more questions than answers but thought I'd post as noone else has see conversation
11/09/2009 at 00:53
For lube I use some J&J baby oil type stuff, it doesn't have petroleum jelly in it.....and when I do triathlon I use....

First time I did a OW tri, the whistle went and I got a boot in the face! - my tip would be to get in a flat position ready to start swimming as the guy calls you to order eg legs floating behind you, not underneath you - it means you don't waste time getting into a swimming postion and therefore wont' get flattened by someone behind.

Other tip would be to draft someone where possible. the odd peek to sight where necessary but the rest of the time I just follow someone else.

Good Luck see conversation
04/09/2009 at 13:41
I only do cheese, top gun theme, baywatch, etc etc, Alot of old school rock for me too, some of the Kings of Leon is helping too! see conversation
04/09/2009 at 12:33
Good one, the only thing I would say is that when I went in the Newcastle branch of EBC and tried my hardest to give them the best part of £2k for a mtb 3 years ago they gave such bad service I left and spent elsewhere! - haven't been back since. Saying that I reckon it'll be spot on, just don't want you thinking I recommended it, the Edinb shop = good experiences, Newc shop = one bad experience.

Not v.helpful am I! see conversation
04/09/2009 at 12:05
Chain Development chat, oooohhhh, serious stuff. The first 'proper' bike I bought was a 2003/4 Spesh Roubaix with a triple chainset, it seems spot on for everything and therefore never really got into this subject. I'm not good enough for the weight to make much difference. I've just got a tt bike and now I'm looking at this sort of stuff so thanks for that useful info, bring on the 11-23, 39-62.....will I look silly with a triple on a tt bike? see conversation
04/09/2009 at 11:56
Ahhhh, I hereby retract all offers of help with immediate effect! Only joking, I don't mind showing people what to do so they can go away and do it for themselves in future, often it's a matter of having the right tools for the job - I think I've spent as much on tools as I have on bikes!!! - for road bike maint once you know what tools you need you only need a few basic ones above and beyond a decent set of allen keys and some screwdrivers. So, Durhamvam offer is genuine.

I've heard good things about the EBC courses. My sis. used to live round corner form Edinburgh store and always helpful. The Revolution bikes are great value too. Also in Edinb, there is a shop (can't remember if it's the Bike Works or another???) who let you take your bike in and use their workshop facility for either a small charge or free, now that would be good to have locally!

In terms of bikes being a 'right off' - these are ideal for practising maint on as mentioned by someone earlier. I reckon you could have it as good as new in an hour or two....although that is no reason whatsoever not to buy a new bike!!! - get spending!

I'm rambling on, can you tell it's Friday. see conversation
04/09/2009 at 11:38
Can't afford a warm weather training camp although I'd love one. Might try a wkend in the lakes occasionally.

This is going to be my first winter maintaining my training, I normally do other 'warmer' sport! Just fitted mudguards to an old bike, set up turbo and taken out gym/swim membership. Also booked on to do a Pose running clinic - gonna try and build this up over next 6 months.

Key targets to improve technique and therefore efficiency in swimming.
Try and learn then use Pose running.
Maintain endurance base for cycling.
Develop core strength for injury prevention and improved performance.
Reduce body weight,

Sounds easy huh? Bring on the wind and rain!!!! see conversation

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