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23/06/2017 at 20:30
Hi, Really looking for some advice, this is my first season competing in Olympic triathlon, self trained and taught as work and time and family comittements don't allow me to join a club. I am 42 and completed Leeds WTS and finished in 2.34 which I was chuffed with I am Posting as I would really like some advice on weight loss. I currently weight 15stone and just can't seem to lose weight , it seems like I have weighed this since Christmas but I eat really well and training 5 to 6 days a week, colleagues and family have noted that I have lost weight but I haven't I am still 15stone. I have read that to improve my run times it's beneficial to be lighter and overall I would like to be leaner I want to attempt to do it sensibly. However what puzzles meIs I calorie count via my fitness app and generally always come in under 2100 a day target once it compensates for my workouts, however I don't seem to be losing weight. Any suggestions would be most helpful. I have used the 220 beginner Olympic training plan and it was really good. see conversation

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