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13/09/2017 at 12:05


I have been suffering from long term weak soleus and calves. Nearly every time I run it results in them tightening and being strained for a few days to a week after. I have newish supportive shoes and an efficient gait, I’m not new to running. I warm up well, usually walking for 5-10 mins before running and have removed hills from training.

I did have Achilles tendinopathy from January 2017 in both legs from over training. This is now manageable but even before this I had the same soleus and calf issues.

Can anyone suggest any exercises apart from the usual heal drops and raises, concentric and eccentric, with straight and bent knees, weighted sitting knee raises and the usual host of stretches, rolling, tennis ball massage etc?

Note, this is worse after riding, either brick runs or the day after a ride.

Many thanks,


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