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19/09/2008 at 20:46
I like carrot sticks and hummous, personally, though admittedly they don't go too well with the mid-afternoon cuppa... see conversation
17/09/2008 at 23:30
I was indeed being rather ironic with my above comments, so apologies if these were misconstrued. That said, in no way was I suggesting that all drugs be legalised. It was a throwaway comment so I'm sorry if it hit a nerve.

I still don't believe Lance, though. see conversation
17/09/2008 at 00:26
Pretty sure that each lap of the Dorney circuit is bang-on 5km.

If the morning Sprint race was anything to go by, the race briefing was almost inaudible and quite a few people took too many laps.

The lap signs by the transition area were not that clear, either, if it's any consolation. It was only because I'd done the Eton Supersprint back in May that I happened to know the correct distance.

A fast-looking guy on a Cervelo even slowed down especially to double-check with me that only four laps were required!

Don't worry, anyway - you have a whole winter of potential turbo training ahead, so you'll be super quick come next season anyway... [;)]
see conversation
16/09/2008 at 21:56
Good to have another big story to keep cycling in the UK papers, following Cav's TdF heroics, Olympic success, Tour of Britain etc.

Also interesting to read of Armstrong's plans to make his dope testing results public. Whatever he maintains in public, it's clear that doping allegations still rankle beneath the surface.

That said, I've never fully trusted the guy. Call me a cynic, but I still have difficulty believing the human body can come back from that sort of medical trauma to win so many TdFs unassisted, when one race would kill most people. I love cycling but given that the likes of Merckxx and Anquetil openly alluded to their drug use decades ago, it's hard to believe that things have changed. The cleverest dopers have always and will always be one step ahead of the authorities, twas ever thus. Why not just legalise the whole thing? see conversation
16/09/2008 at 20:50
I'm still quite new to triathlons, having only completed two races so far - the Eton Supersprint back in May and last weekend's Orca Sprint. However, I've definitely got the bug and therefore want to train over the winter to be in good shape for next season.

I've researched various training plans online but most seem to be 12-week plans geared towards specific events. What I'd really like to find is a general winter training schedule that includes the right blend of pool, bike, running and weights work to keep me in good shape over the darker months.

Any tips/website links greatly appreciated!

Tom see conversation
17/07/2008 at 22:03
Hi there,

I've entered this year's Swanage Classic tri (just the sprint version this time as it's my first season) and wondered if anyone had any useful feedback on the course etc. from last year? How hilly are the bike/run sections, for example?

Thanks! see conversation
17/07/2008 at 22:03
I generally follow the time-honoured formula of plenty of carbs for the two days before the race, particularly pasta (lower GI, wholegrain pasta/brown rice where possible). Then on the morning of the race, I typically have a big bowl of porridge for slow-release energy and a banana for quick-release energy. During the race, I tend to sip an isotonic drink during the bike leg and carry a couple of energy gels just in case. Finally, a good balance of carbs and quality protein after the race, to aid recovery. I think there's a tendency to overcomplicate sports nutrition but this simple approach works for me. see conversation
14/06/2008 at 23:30
Hi there,

I'm new to 220 and would really appreciate your advice...

I recently completed my first tri (Eton Supersprints), really enjoyed it and now plan to invest in a 'proper' road bike, which I can use for racing as well as the occasional commute and even sportive.

My budget is £500-700ish and I was originally dead-set on a Specialized Allez as I understand these are pretty solid. However, I just popped into my LBS (Prologue in East Sheen) and was shown a bike I hadn't heard of before, from Spanish brand BH. It's called the L31 (snappy, huh?) and has carbon seatsays and full 105 groupset for £650. Apparently they're a big brand on the continent but haven't been in the UK for long.

Seems like great value but can't find any reviews online. Do any of you guys know this bike?


PS: They also had a Pinarello Prince but I think I'll save that for next year ;-) see conversation

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